TROY SPRINGS   The large basin is ideal for  advancing open water divers due to the clarity and depth of this spring. Troy Springs like other State Parks in the area charge just a few dollars for an amazing adventure.

PEACOCK 1    The most popular of the springs in Peacock Springs State Park. Low flow and miles of passage with good visibility. Serviced by two technical dive shops and only nine miles from CAVEDIVECAMP.

RIVER CAVE  One of many that the trained overhead diver can access by boat from CAVEDIVECAMP.

ROYAL SPRING   This spring, only two miles from CAVEDIVECAMP, is a great place to begin your scuba training.


14942 Riverside Drive

O'Brien, FL. 32071



Little River Springs   Popular among cave divers, the higher flow from this interesting cavern will challenge your skills. Only 10 minutes from CAVEDIVECAMP,  this is a must see gem and free for divers trained in the overhead. 

GINNIE SPRINGS   Thirty-five miles from CAVEDIVECAMP is a popular destination for all divers.

There are sites for every level of experience here. Below are just some of the dive sites nearby. Each spring offers the diver a unique experience that will challenge your senses and give you the opportunity to take your diving to the next level. 

ONE OF MANY   Springs along the river that you can dive with proper training.

ORANGE GROVE  Just down the road from CAVEDIVECAMP this amazing spring has caverns and caves and allows open water divers to explore the basin.



Cow Spring   Membership and training reward the full cave diver with pristine vistas of Florida"s underworld.

4 dives

4 springs


includes accommodation!

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JUG HOLE  Located in nearby itchetucknee Springs State Park this picturesque cavern, open only in the winter months, has exceptional visibility for that choose to become trained