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Training just became simple. Whether you are new to scuba diving, seeking a technical certification, or anything in between, Private and semi-private instruction affords a fun, immersive experience away from crowded dive boats and high pressure scuba sales. All we do is coach, mentor and train according to your ability and goals for the sport. Emphasis = YOU!  Are you ready to get technical? Nitrox and side-mount certification courses are available.  

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Cave Dive Camp is an immersive experience designed to provide your weekend getaway with knowledge that you can apply to future scuba diving adventures. Bring your gear and your willingness to learn scuba diving in a way that will give you the confidence to make you a more capable diver and buddy. Small classes ensure all levels of scuba divers are respected and are given the chance to improve their scuba diving capabilities so they can dive safely and be more comfortable about themselves and their gear. Have questions about the camp or scuba diving in general? info@cavedivecamp.com 

Sean had renewed interest in the sport after technical dive training. The equipment redundancy and physiological aspects of diving came into focus. "Cave training forces you to become responsible and aware." "The training gave me the experience and confidence to really enjoy myself and the dive." Since being cave trained, Sean has logged over two hundred cave dives. "It's now time to give back, it is very rewarding to see a diver gain confidence and really enjoy the dive because of it. That's why I am an instructor!"

Sean McCarthy - Scuba Diving Educator

 Sean McCarthy had an interest in diving starting at 10 years of age, skin diving around the inlet jetties of South Florida. "I learned a lot about holding my breath, dodging boats, and timing the currents and tides while hunting in the inlet."  He was certified in 1974 and became a PADI open water instructor in 1978. "I was just taking the only available training at the time."  After moving to 'spring country' in 2009,